About Regina

regina-picUSA TODAY Bestselling Author Regina Duke writes uplifting romance in a variety of subgenres such as  contemporary, suspense, and paranormal. She lives in the western U.S. with four dogs and a piano that demands to be played. Regina’s Colorado Billionaires books read like Hallmark movies.



A Regina Duke FAQ

1. Why do you have books in so many different subgenres of romance?

I started out writing science fiction and mystery (I thought), but loving relationships always managed to take center stage. I finally surrendered to the fact that I write romance! (And I love it!)

2. Will there be more of the Colorado Billionaires series?

Yes. Number six (The Wedding Toast) has just been released and I am working on number seven (The Wedding Gift).

3. I’m an author. Can I submit my book to you for a review?

Sorry, I’m not a reviewer.

4. Who edits your books?

Marian Kelly at RavensGateEditing.

5. Who does your formatting?

Stevie at StevieDeInk.com. Stevie also does my cover art.

6. Where do you get your ideas?

I close my eyes and watch the mental movies that constantly stream through my brain.

*If I didn’t answer your question, message me via the Contact page. I love chatting with readers.*