The Wedding Favor (Colorado Billionaires #13)

Tori Whelan is home from school, hoping to keep her college money-making scheme a secret from her parents, and determined to face life without a pesky man hanging around. Then she meets Dustin.

Dustin Garrison overheard a conversation in New York that sent him running to Colorado, looking for help from his brother, but Axel is dealing with his own problems, so Dustin has to look elsewhere. Can strong-willed Tori help him get back to New York? Or will his heart be held prisoner in Colorado? 

2021  publications!

November 2021

The Wedding Party (Colorado Billionaires #12)

Sierra is running from whoever killed her ex-boyfriend. When she sees an ad for Secretary/Companion, she jumps at the chance to live in the Darby mansion. She feels safe for a while, but who is that handsome guy following her?

Truman’s world is turned upside down when a DNA test reveals that his father is not his real dad. His mother used a sperm bank. Driven to discover who his biological family is, he goes to Eagle’s Toe, looking for relatives, and finds the woman of his dreams. Too bad she thinks he’s one of the bad guys.

July 15, 2021

My Vampire Beau (Collectors 2), a sequel to My Vampire Wedding. More adventures Earthside and Vampside with a new vampire/human romance and lots of old favorites from the first book.

2020 publications!

The Wedding Cake (Colorado Billionaires #11)

2020 was a dumpster fire for all of us. The book I worked on most of the year will publish in 2021. It will be a paranormal, #2 in the Collectors series, and the title is My Vampire Beau.

2019 publications!

The Wedding Veil (Colorado Billionaires #9)

The Wedding Song (Colorado Billionaires #10 … Summer 2019)

Now and Forever Romances (90-minute reads)

Strange Tales (for fans of “Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limits”)

2018 publications!

The Wedding Deal (Colorado Billionaires #8)

The Wedding Wager in Spanish! La Apuesta de la Boda

Who’s Who in Eagle’s Toe (Colorado Billionaires, a short list of characters)

Paranormal series! Sugar Rising (Mindflesh Saga #1)