Sugar Rising

Sugar Rising
Series: Mindflesh Saga, Book 1
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction
ISBN: 9781944752149

Sugar has fallen for her new boss, Rig, a Zpyen warrior of the Mindflesh. Can the power of love save both their worlds?

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About the Book

Sugar has finally met the man of her dreams. So what if he’s a shape-shifting warrior from another planet? After all, she has a couple of secrets of her own. Three, if you count her mother’s sleazy stalker.

Rig thinks he is attracted to Sugar because he is…literally…dying of loneliness. Born to a race of touch-thinkers, without companionship he is doomed. Touching outside his clan is forbidden. Will the Dead make an exception if his life is at stake? Could Sugar be the reason he was sent to Earth? Can the power of love save both their worlds?